Annual Percentage Rate Explained

Annual Percentage Rate Meaning APR stands for ‘Annual Percentage Rate’ and it is the figure that tells you how much interest you will be charged on your loan on an annual basis. Lenders have to display the typical APR that most people will be charged in all advertising for their […]

FAQS to Personal Loans

FAQS to Personal Loans First of all some of the most common FAQS we are asked here at Loans Personal and the answers to the best of our ability. Consequently if you have a question you would like answering. Therefore use the contact form and we will try to post as […]


Personal Loan Reviews Here you can browse the reviews from our users for all the lenders on Personal Loans. These are independent views written by clients who have used the Loan services we compare on the website. If you would like to post your own review for any of the […]