Loan Application Process

Process of Applying for a Personal Loan

Step 1 – Application Form

The Application Process is quite easy please follow the following simple steps. Fill out our online application form that can be found on most of the pages on the site. Its very straightforward and only takes a few minutes of your time. When your done check all of the details are correct then simply click the submit button to send it to us at Loans Personal.

Step 2 – Information Received

On receiving your Personal Loan Application Form we will check through all your details and circumstances in a view to finding a Lender who will accept your proposal. If we feel we may need further information to aid your application we will contact you via email to ask.

Step 3 – Matching Loan to Lender

After reviewing all your information we will find the lenders who in our opinion are most likely to accept your Loan Proposal. The completed application will then be sent off to those we feel can accommodate your financial situation. Swaying heavily towards the lenders with the lowest APR Interest Rates on offer at that particular time.

Step 4 – Sifting through the offers

After receiving all the offers for your business we will swiftly send you notifications of the best possible interest rate. Also lowest monthly repayments for your Personal Loan. The time delay for this process is very short. Especially if it is a Payday Loan and we could have an offer to report within 1 hour. We will let you know the name and contact of the lender so that you can then apply and deal with them directly.

Step 5 – Accepting your Money

If all the above processes go smoothly and all the information you have given is correct the lender will accept your Loan Application and transfer the requested amount to your given bank account. This could be within 1 hour from your original contact with them. If you have any questions about the process please do not hesitate to contact us through the website form.

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